Lisa, 51

"Wellbeloved Wellness saved my life basically!!! It was January 6, 2015 I walked in crying, overweight, and miserable!! The team of ladies at Wellbeloved Wellness whose faces were sensitive, genuine, and ready to help me lose weight and keep it off welcomed me with open arms!!  That day that moment I was ready to battle my weight and try my hardest to keep the weight off with help from everybody at Wellbeloved Wellness on the Ideal Protein side!  That was the beauty of it all that I was no longer alone I had help, I had a team of ladies to weigh me, measure me, coach me and help me along my hard ass journey of losing weight and trying hard as hell to keep the unwanted weight off!! Then, after about 6 months I reached my goal weight and Nicole said "Lisa why don't you take a Barre class". I said what the heck is Barre class? Well, in September of 2015 I took a few classes and been hooked ever since!! And, those Barre classes kick my butt! And, not everything always seems this easy and wonderful, trust me I have my moments where I binge eat and slip into I don't want to go to class mood!

          But, as I said earlier, not to sound repetitive, if I go amongst the missing, Stephanie, who is a phenomenal instructor at Wellbeloved Wellness and who I became very fond of will call me or text me because she worries about me if I'm not at class!!  Now, seriously where can you go and receive that much love and support with Nicole's personality, Stephanie's push, Rachel who understands everything you say to her and replies with the best advice and makes people feel on top of the world, and Cristina who will not let you bullshit her, and always ready to give you a big hug if needed!!

      So, to all the staff at Wellbeloved Wellness thank you for being a part of my journey! Kudos to all of you!!"

Priscilla, 55

"Who says you have to settle for being fat in your fifties? No excuses!  45 pounds in 3 months with NO Exercise! Feeling fabulous, eating healthier and sleeping better!  Best part is I have kept the weight off for a year!  Thank you to my coach Jennifer, Wellbeloved Wellness and Ideal Protein!"

Mikayla, 15

 "Wellbeloved Wellness has taught me to never give up and if you try your hardest you will be able to achieve your goals. I know when I started I was like Oh Gosh I will never be able to do this. A year later, I am in the best shape I could be in and have transformed my body completely. I used to come home from school and just sit and eat junk food and watch TV, never doing anything active. Now, because of the way Wellbeloved Wellness has transformed my mind, I come home and grab fruit, go for a run and go to class. I am so grateful to have Wellbeloved Wellness in my life and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to change my body. I couldn't have asked for a better studio or staff to help me get my life back on track and help transform myself the way I wanted!" 

Millie, 39

"After having my third child in 2015, I was determined to make a lifestyle change to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  With each pregnancy, I carried residual weight that never came off and five years later, found myself at my heaviest.  I attended Barre classes three times a week and "thought" I was eating a healthy well-balanced diet. I started ideal protein in August of 2016 determined to make a lifestyle change.  I continued Barre classes which were not only challenging and fun, but improved my overall strength and endurance.  I committed to ideal protein and have lost 23 pounds and over 15 inches. The ideal program method was exactly what has gotten me back on track.  I have never felt better or stronger than I do today!  It has taught me how to make smart choices that will help me sustain my lifestyle.  The weekly coaching with the personable coaches was a crucial part of my success.  They provided support and creative ideas to keep me on my path to success.  Ideal protein and Barre has changed not only how I approach food and physical health, but has given me the strength to keep up with my three active young boys. I am eager to face my fourth decade of life feeling the best I've felt in years!"

"I began my journey with Wellbeloved Wellness/Ideal Protein after becoming aware that both my weight and issues surrounding food were beginning to affect my overall health.  My Primary Care Physician actually was the one to finally say to me, you need to take this weight off, sensibly but quickly and she recommended the Ideal Protein protocol.  I met with my coach, Jennifer, that same week and we hit it off immediately.  Jen is warm, caring, encouraging and so very supportive.  Although change in diet was a drastic one for me, with Jen's guidance I easily became focused on a new and healthier way to everyday eating.   Within six weeks my cholesterol lowered itself by over 100 points!  After working with Jennifer for several months, I'm very comfortable with my new way of eating, have so much more energy, sleep better and have a new outlook on like.  I cannot say enough positive things about the program and would recommend it to anyone who shares those same struggles.  I am beyond grateful for the whole experience of working with Jen and the Wellbeloved Wellness team.  Thank you!"

Ellen, 59

"I have been dealing with obesity my whole life. For several years, I have been exercising countless hours at the gym without consistent results. With Ideal Protein, I now know that it ultimately comes down to your diet. I now understand how my food choices influence my body and overall health. I am finally on the right path. I have learned so much in such a short period of time. This is a new lifestyle. I have more energy and feel great."   

Sean, 37

"My name is Alexa Ina and I am 22 years old. I was new to the studio as of the beginning of May and words cannot describe how much of an impact this studio and its' staff has had on me. This studio welcomed me with open arms and provided me with a judgment free zone to work hard and improve more than I ever thought possible. Throughout my life I have always struggled to find an exercise regime that I genuinely enjoyed. l have always found it hard to remain consistent and fight the urge to skip workouts. This studio has helped me to find my true passion and I could not be more thankful. I will be attending the Buti Certification in NYC on July 22-23rd and I could not be more excited. This studio has helped to prepare me better than I ever could have imagined and has gone above and beyond to ensure my personal success. I can not say enough amazing things about this studio and it’s staff. I hope through this certification that I will be able to not only continue my passion but help others find theirs , just like Wellbeloved Wellness did for me. Namaste :) "

 Alexa, 22