Student Spotlight: Toni

I am a wife and mother to two children ages 14 and 12. They ski and snowboard all winter, my husband still plays hockey and both my children play multiple sports. They are very active and I could never keep up. My husband is also a chiropractor who is always stressing the importance of strong muscles, especially the back and core. While I have never been an athlete I always considered myself a healthy person. I ate lots of fruits and veggies and had a gym membership. I don't own a scale so I was shocked at the number on the scale at my last physical. I shouldn't have been surprised though. I wasn't consistent in my gym routine and it had become just that, routine. It was boring and I never pushed myself. I never did any of the group classes probably because I knew it would push me out of my comfort zone. I used the two knee surgeries I had as an excuse. I knew I had to try something different. When I saw Wellbeloved recommended on the Sandwich Scoop Facebook page I was immediately intrigued and went to their website. Something in me said go for it and I booked a class with Kayla for the next night. I told my kids I was going to try a barre exercise class and we all laughed because we figured I was going to be horrible at it and probably not even be able to finish. I thought well at least no one knows me and I will never have to show my face there again. I was so nervous I am pretty sure I was half an hour early. Kayla was so nice and made me feel very comfortable. I made it through the whole class and I really like it, a lot. I was immediately hooked and bought a monthly unlimited package. Denise, Stephanie, Kayla, and Nicole are the best. They have all completely pushed me so far out of my so called comfort zone that I can't imagine going back. I love that they all have their own styles and no class is ever exactly the same. I am always working my body in different ways. The addition of buti yoga was another leap of faith for me and it has been a great addition. I have never felt stronger and Ieven looking forward to wearing tank tops this summer. Now instead of worrying about not being able to finish a class I brag about all the things I was able to accomplish. I only wish I had found Wellbeloved sooner.