Jillian And Her Journey

I have always been active, loved playing sports and working out, and didn’t really have to think about my weight that much because I was active until I got older and could no longer eat and drink what I wanted without seeing the results of it.  I always thought “Hey I can eat what I want because tomorrow I will work it off”, that worked for awhile.  Then I had twins, then I had another baby, and it got harder and harder to recover from my binge eating weekends.  I have tried everything!!!!!!!!  I am a sucker for trying new things! You name it, I’ve tried it, the South Beach Diet, Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet,  21 Day Fix, Juice Cleanses, Shakeology etc. etc.  Never really sticking with any of it because I didn’t see immediate results and felt deprived or just plain old slipping off on the weekends led into the whole week and before you know it I was back to my old eating habits.


 This past summer I saw pictures of myself in a bathing suit and was just so disgusted and hated the number on the scale.  So I decided to give IP a try, mentally I was ready to dive in whole heartedly and give it my all.  After a few weeks of adjusting and figuring out what foods I liked and didn’t like, it was a breeze!!!  I took it week by week and was so thrilled with the weight that was coming off, and I got to eat dessertJ. The weekly weigh-ins and meetings with Nicole were so helpful to keep me on track and help me to understand the whole process of the diet, and to help me change my eating habits.


 And the best part was that all the muscle that I had worked so hard for was finally showing, which leads me to my next part…..


As I said, I love fitness and working out, I have done it for a long time, and have tried all the fads over the years.  I never really saw any changes in my body until I started working out with the amazing Stephanie Aycock!!!!!!!   Between her workouts and shedding the unwanted pounds I feel so comfortable in my own skin now.  She is so well educated with the body and its anatomy, her passion and love for her job shows thru daily and she will always push you out of your comfort zone.   I started with Steph about 6 years ago, and followed her to Wellbeloved, and I was so happy that I did, all the instructors are amazing,  they are always getting educated in the next thing in the “fitness” world, the latest being Buti which is absolutely amazing!!!!  I am not a yoga person at ALL, but this class makes yoga tolerable, you do something great for your body all while having fun, dancing, and getting your hear rate up.  Wellbeloved is a very personable place to work out, very clean, very friendly, and they genuinely care about their members.


Between Steph and Nicole I feel like I am held very accountable for my fitness journey, my workouts and my diet, and I couldn’t be happier to have them both there for me.