Student Spotlight

     "I started coming to Wellbeloved Wellness just over a year ago and it was the best decision I have ever made. I joined Wellbeloved Wellness because it was time to get my body in shape and love myself inside and out. The second you walk through the door of the studio, you enter the most welcoming and relaxed environment. All of the staff and instructors are just the happiest, positive and most encouraging people I have ever met. They are always there to offer help and give you advice. Wellbeloved Wellness has taught me to never give up and if you try your hardest you will be able to achieve your goals. I know when I started I was like Oh Gosh I will never be able to do this. A year later, I am in the best shape I could be in and have transformed my body completely. I used to come home from school and just sit and eat junk food and watch TV, never doing anything active. Now, because of the way Wellbeloved Wellness has transformed my mind, I come home and grab fruit, go for a run and go to class. I am so grateful to have Wellbeloved Wellness in my life and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to change my body. I couldn't have asked for a better studio or staff to help me get my life back on track and help transform myself the way I wanted!"