Student Spotlight - Lisa


"Wellbeloved Wellness saved my life basically!!! It was January 6, 2015 I walked in crying, overweight, and miserable!! The team of ladies at Wellbeloved Wellness whose faces were sensitive, genuine, and ready to help me lose weight and keep it off welcomed me with open arms!!  That day that moment I was ready to battle my weight and try my hardest to keep the weight off with help from everybody at Wellbeloved Wellness on the Ideal Protein side!  That was the beauty of it all that I was no longer alone I had help, I had a team of ladies to weigh me, measure me, coach me and help me along my hard ass journey of losing weight and trying hard as hell to keep the unwanted weight off!! Then, after about 6 months I reached my goal weight and Nicole said "Lisa why don't you take a Barre class". I said what the heck is Barre class? Well, in September of 2015 I took a few classes and been hooked ever since!! And, those Barre classes kick my butt! And, not everything always seems this easy and wonderful, trust me I have my moments where I binge eat and slip into I don't want to go to class mood!
          But, as I said earlier, not to sound repetitive, if I go amongst the missing, Stephanie, who is a phenomenal instructor at Wellbeloved Wellness and who I became very fond of will call me or text me because she worries about me if I'm not at class!!  Now, seriously where can you go and receive that much love and support with Nicole's personality, Stephanie's push, Rachel who understands everything you say to her and replies with the best advice and makes people feel on top of the world, and Cristina who will not let you bullshit her, and always ready to give you a big hug if needed!!
      So, to all the staff at Wellbeloved Wellness thank you for being a part of my journey! Kudos to all of you!!"