Meet Julia

Q:  What drew you to Barre classes and wanting to get certified to teach?

A:  I have been a dancer since I was three years old and began taking barre classes with my friend in Boston when I first got to college. I am a member of dance company at my school but wanted to try something new along with my dance training. I loved the full body workout that Barre gave me and felt myself getting stronger as the weeks went on. When I found the training course at Wellbeloved Wellness to become certified to teach, I came home from school for the weekend and took advantage of the wonderful opportunity. 

Q:  Why did you choose to teach at The Wellbeloved Wellness Studio?

A:  I chose to teach at The Wellbeloved Wellness Studio because of their mission "to help clients enhance their overall quality of life by offering a sustainable, total body wellness program that promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit." I have always been interested in Holistic Health and am studying to become a Registered Dietitian. I love the focus on overall health at Wellbeloved Wellness and the sense community that can be found in every class. Kayla and I used to dance together and she said she thought that Wellbeloved Wellness would be a great match for me, so when the studio was hiring I quickly applied and was lucky enough to be hired to work at such an amazing studio! 

Q:  What is the one thing that you love about teaching Barre classes?

A:  I love making working out fun for people and helping them reach their goals and challenge themselves. 

Q:  Describe yourself in one 2 words:

A:  Smiley, adventurous

Q:  If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring?

A:  A book, music, and my puppy, Ellie

Q:  Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

A:  Go for nature walks and road trips with my boyfriend, Sean, and spend time with my best friends from dance. 

Q:  Favorite food:

A:  Carrots and hummus

Q:  Top 3 life highlights in your life so far?

A:  1. After my Junior year of high school I traveled to Nicaragua where I hiked 3 volcanoes, went volcano boarding (sledding on volcanic ash down the side of a volcano), and volunteered at a school. 

2. Volunteering during spring break in Battle Creek, Michigan two years in a row with Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge

3. Traveling to Costa Rica during February vacation in high school and spending the week learning to surf at Witch's Rock Surf Camp

Q:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A:  In 5 years, I see myself working as a Registered Dietitian in Boston, volunteering and traveling in my free time, and teaching Barre classes.