Barre classes

not your daughter's ballet class. 

Barre classes at Wellbeloved Wellness are designed to sculpt, strengthen, and stretch the muscles, creating a long + lean physique. We use small weights and other functional training accessories like balls, bands, TRX, and Meca Wedges, along with abdominal work, muscle isolations, stretching, and classical ballet exercises in order to elongate the body and achieve a dancer's body.

We offer many different techniques and styles of Barre at Wellbeloved Wellness. Our instructors are all trained and certified to teach you the proper posture and alignment to keep you safe and if needed, modify the workout for your body and needs. Every class and movement can be scaled up or down in order to make most of our Barre classes all-levels and open to beginners and advanced practitioners. 

In certain classes, we also use stools and/or a BeyondBarre GlideBoard as a cardio component to the class in order to increase stamina and cardiovascular health.


Barre FAQs

Who is Barre class for?
Barre is for everybody!  Trust us, we are not just dancing around the studio, we are here to WORK.  Each instructor is trained to instruct clients of all fitness levels and abilities. We offer many modifications, so if you have an injury, instructors will give you specific instructions to prevent further injury and strengthen the weakened area of the body. Each class is set to a certain rhythm and pace but encourages each client to work at her ability and listen to her body. Instructors promote support and camaraderie within each class.

Will Barre help me to lose weight? When will I start to see my body transform?
If you attend Barre 3-4 times a week and maintain a healthy diet, your body will respond accordingly. We focus on strengthening and lengthening the muscles, which burns calories more efficiently. Increased muscle will ultimately lead to weight loss!

Will I bulk up if I do Barre?
No. That’s the beauty of Barre. Most of the exercises use your own body weight rather than heavy weights. We also emphasize stretching, which allows you to achieve longer, leaner and stronger muscles.

How often should I attend Barre classes?
Our method is designed so you can do it every day, and we have many clients that do! As with any healthy exercise, the more you do it, the better the result. We recommend at least 3-4 times a week.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable workout clothes like yoga pants and tank tops. Make sure they're not too baggy so that the instructor can make sure you are in proper alignment. All barre classes you are REQUIRED to wear your sticky socks for safety reasons. If you have forgotten your sticky socks when you arrive to the studio we have them available for purchase for $15. Be sure to bring our special micro fiber socks for all GlideBoard classes - they are specifically designed to wick moisture and work best on the boards $4.

Can I take class if I am pregnant or recently had a baby?
Always consult your doctor. Moderate exercise during and post pregnancy can help women feel healthy and fit.

Why do I have to wear socks?  Can I wear socks from home?
You MUST wear sticky socks in our Barre classes. For all classes we recommend Sticky Socks for traction (we don't want you to slip!). We have socks available for purchase at the studio if you forget yours or need a pair.  

For our Glideboard classes, we sell special microfiber socks at the studio that work best on this equipment. When gliding, any sweat that drips on your board can prevent you from getting across the board and stop the movement in mid-action, so microfiber socks are best (everyday socks do not absorb moisture)

Do I need to bring anything?
Socks and water + a mat! If you forget we have water bottles available at the studio for $2. If you forget your mat we have mat rentals for $2. We have complimentary towels to wipe your sweat away.