Shaping strong bodies, one client at a time.

Our clients are individuals, with a whole range of needs and goals. That’s why we customize training plans just for you, using key foundational exercises as building blocks and adding elements based on your fitness objectives and preferences. With the support of Wellbeloved Wellness' personal training program in Marstons Mills, you will be inspired to exceed your own performance expectations and increase your overall health. 


We use a whole-body method when creating your training plan, combining the following aspects in every 60-minute session:

  • Functional training :: This is the work we do to prepare your muscles for all the simple, everyday activities you do – from sitting down to getting up and picking up objects to playing sports.
  • Balance training ::  As we get older, our balance often begins to suffer. To keep your confidence and agility high, we will incorporate balance work to create a stable foundation.
  • Cardiovascular training :: Many studies shows that there are enormous benefits to interval training, which means increasing your heart rate up for short periods of time and then letting it recover. This type of work can be intense – but the good news is that it’s always interesting and keeps our workouts fun!


  • 1 session :: $75
  • 3 sessions :: $198

  • 5 sessions :: $298
  • 10 sessions :: $550

To schedule a personal training session, send an email to our trainer, Stephanie: