NICOLE'S (W.)                        

  • Favorite Holiday Memory : When I was little coming home from our traditional Christmas Eve, we heard a huge THUD on the roof (obviously the snow shifting).  However, our parents used it to their advantage to get my brother and I quickly into bed.  "Oh My Gosh...IT'S SANTA!!! Quick, Quick get into bed to sleep"  That was probably the fastest we ever got into bed!
  • Favorite Holiday Gift : My Cabbage Patch Doll


  • Favorite Holiday Memory : Going to my Grandparents and watching them open their stockings and trying to guess what everything was.  My Aunt always disguises item, SO FUN!
  • Favorite Holiday Gift : My Great Aunt Gladys used to travel the world and every Christmas she would send presents.  I could open one gift Christmas Eve and would always choose hers.  I think my very favorite was a snow globe she sent.


  • Favorite Holiday Memory : Our big Christmas Eve party and then we have a big Christmas Dinner Christmas Day.
  • Favorite Holiday Gift : Is always my stocking from childhood through today...always so much fun opening!  My Mother used to put it outside of our bedroom door to keep us in our rooms a little longer and I did the same for my kids, but now I have to wake them up to open gifts!


  • Favorite Holiday Memory : Our BIG family party on Christmas Eve!
  • Favorite Holiday Gift : Waking up to the Barbie Dream House all set up next to the tree (sometime in the early 80's)


  • Favorite Holiday Memory : The Christmas tree fell down at my Aunts house and my Uncle got pissed and threw it off the deck.  When we woke up in the morning they said The Grinch came and tried to steal Christmas!
  • Favorite Holiday Gift : My first pair of figure skates


  • Favorite Holiday Memory :  Spending Christmas Eve with my Moms side of the family where they serve the 7 course fishes, one of which was calamariwith sauce which had tenticle hanging out of the sauce pot, which was horrifying for a child.  Thank God for my Auntie Mille's Pizza! 
  • Favorite Holiday Gift : Paddle board from last year 2016


  • Favorite Holiday Memory : Since having kids, my Mom always comes over to spend Christmas Eve with us.  We all make gingerbread houses and cookies for Santa, while drinking eggnog.  So fun! 
  • Favorite Holiday Gift : Last year Rob and I surprised everyone with a trip to NYC on Christmas morning.  We left right after opening the rest of the gifts.  Drove t NYC, saw the tree in Rockerfeller Center and watched School of Rock from the front row.  We had an absolute BLAST!


  • Favorite Holiday Memory : Making cookies at my Grandma's house on Christmas Eve with all of my cousins every year!
  • Favorite Holiday Gift : The East Coast road trip Billy planned and surprised me with a few years ago.  So thoughtful!