NICOLE'S (W.)                        

  • Favorite Vacation : My favorite vacation was in 2011.  The entire Wellbeloved family, East Coast and West Coast Wellbeloved's all flew to Kauai.  My husband's Uncle owns a beautiful house right on the ocean.  It was so amazing to be with the whole family and get to do all of the "local" in's and out's.


  • Favorite Vacation : I flew into las Vegas alone when I was 13 to visit my Nana. We saw the Lipizzaner horses, and went to lots of different casinos, and stayed with her cousin. Then we drove to CA, went to Fire Valley along the way and had tons of fun adventures. It was a great experience! 


  • Favorite Vacation : My favorite vacation was our Mediterranean cruise from France to Italy, stopped in Corsica ending in rome for 3 weeks! Loved Pasitano and can't wait to go back!


  • Favorite Vacation : My fave recurring vacation is our annual trip to Bethany Beach DE, where my husband went to the beach as a kid....this will be our 10 th year doing it, started when we had double jogging strollers and baby carriers and we have loved it every year!  


  • Favorite Vacation:  My favorite vacation was the first weekend of this year 2018. I went to Lincoln, New Hampshire and was able to spend and enjoy time with my, little did I know, Fiancé! We went to wine tastings, a local brewery, ice castles, a spa, and snow shoeing. On January 7th, my best friend asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. We were 3 miles into snow shoeing, in the most beautiful nook overlooking the mountains, with the river beneath us. We had our favorite bottle of wine with us from the wine tasting, Seven Birches Merlot, and took our time enjoying the first moments of our new adventure we would embark on in the near future as Mr and Mrs. VanGelder!


  • Favorite Vacation :  Martha's vineyard is my favorite vacation spot. We rent a house in oak bluffs for a week. Not every year but we probably have done it like 15 times and we are doing this summer again. 


  • Favorite Vacation : Our fave fam vacation was to Costa Rica. We stayed on a farm, rode horses, swam in hot springs, zip lined, and all of us learned to surf. Including Savannah - I think she was five?


  • Favorite Vacation : My favorite vacation by far was when Billy and I went to the Pacific North West!  We rented a VW van for a few weeks and drove around all of Washington and Oregon.  We started on the Olympic peninsula and drove down the coast. Then we spent time at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon before heading to Washington’s amazing wine country! We experienced so many beautiful aspects of nature, landscapes, and different cities. It was absolute magic! I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat!